Walter Eckhardt GmbH, Korntal-Münchingen

”We specialise in logistics services. We moved into our new logistics centre in Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart in April 2019.

Dirt from outside is constantly brought into the halls via the truck tramp. The dust generated from worn stacker tyres pollutes the air, and this is something that cannot be avoided. Consequently, we had very high cleaning costs in the past: our wet sweeping machine was used once a week. We used to spend a lot of time removing dust at the old site.

This is why we invested in aeropur dust collectors: We have two ecomax100 units at work in our transhipment hall, and another four units in the large high-rack warehouse.

The dust removal effect is clearly evident: the air is cleaner. Today, we have less dust in the air in the hall than outside. It used to be the other way round. And now we only use our cleaning machine once every three weeks. We are very satisfied with this solution.“

Eberhard Salzmann
Head of warehouse logistics and the transhipment warehouse

Walter Eckhardt GmbH, Korntal-Münchingen

LANG Technik GmbH, Holzmaden

“In Holzmaden and Neuhausen we manufacture workpiece clamping solutions for milling machines. Cooling lubricants evaporate on our own 5-axle milling machines, and this allows oily particles to enter the air. Fans and powerful ventilation systems are no longer good enough. We wanted to further improve the working conditions for our employees and also protect our infrastructure, which is why we now use an ecomax 100 by aeropur in all three of our halls. The device works perfectly, maintenance is easy and the costs are reasonable. The air in the hall is noticeably cleaner now. Our employees love it."

Portrait Philipp Lang

Philipp Lang

LANG Technik GmbH, Holzmaden

Customer feedback

We always use mobile devices in various areas

The use of aeropur devices has allowed us to significantly reduce dust levels in various areas of Terminal 2 at the Munich airport. The simple technology, the high performance and the low power consumption of the mobile dust collectors in particular convinced us right away.

Terminal 2 GmbH & Co oHG

We are very impressed with the high number of particles that are filtered

“Various measuring methods have shown a significant improvement in the air and also verified how many particles are actually captured by the mobile dust collector. We are delighted by the high performance of the aeropur devices, the filtration equipment and handling ease."


Dust removed from stored goods and cylinders

“We were excited by the fact that the aeropur ecomax 100 could offer a very quick solution to solving high dust levels at various application sites and that we would no longer have any more dust on our goods and cylinders. The mobile dust collectors by aeropur are used in logistics areas. We are highly satisfied with the dust-free air results."

Getränke Hörl GmbH

We clearly notice the good quality of the air

Thanks to the aeropur dust collectors, ecomax 30 and ecopower 10, we have been able to significantly improve the dust load in the air in our mechanical production facility and hall that houses several water-jet cutting machines. The effect on the air quality is evident. We like the fact that these devices require very little space and power, and also that the costs for the filters are reasonable.

W.B. Wasserstrahl-Schneidtechnik GmbH

Thresholds in the milling and turning shops clearly undercut

Since we starting using the ecomax 30 in our product hall, all visible particles that  floated around in the air have disappeared. Our measurements showed a four-fold improvement in the result thanks to the mobile dust collectors; we now clearly undercut the defined thresholds. With a low investment volume, we have significantly improved the ambient air quality with these compact devices. This is what convinced us!

Harald Böhl GmbH

We really notice the good air in the CNC area

We have been able to successfully eliminate the emissions and dust caused by the metalworking processes by installing the ecomax 30. We were impressed by the simple technology, handling ease and the energy efficiency of the dust collector right from the outset. Our employees notice the good air at their workplace every day.

Karl Otto Hardt GmbH

The measurements confirmed a clear reduction of dust levels

We use three aeropur ‘ecomax 30’ dust collectors: one in the main warehouse, one in the middle of the hall and one in the mechanical finishing section. We took measurements after filtering the air and were able to confirm a significant reduction of dust levels and also verify the excellent air quality in all areas.

Other factors that have impressed us: the compact size, low power consumption costs and low filter costs. Our employees are also thrilled about the huge improvement in the air quality”

Wurm Schaltanlagen GmbH & Co.KG

Finally a dust-free workshop

“Thanks to its compact size, we take the ecopower 10 with us to our construction sites and position it wherever dust is generated. Most of the dust on the floor, machines and pipes in my workshop has also disappeared, which greatly cuts down on cleaning costs."

Stuck & Design Feige GmbH