What norms apply to air filters?

The coarse matter and particulate matter filters are defined globally in the norm ISO 1689. Even the very smallest particle sizes from 0.3µm to 10µm are filtered. Example: If the current particulate matter load PM10 needs to be reduced by 50%, a filter of the class ePM10 50% is recommended. The ‘e’ in this designation stands for efficiency, PM10 stands for the particle size 10µm, and 50% stands for the filtration level of all particles of a size of between 10µm to 0.3µm [micrometre 1/1000mm].

If even smaller particle sizes need to be filtered, the norm EN 1822 for HEPA filters applies. These filters start at E10 and end with ULPA17. The higher the number, the better the filtration level of particles of the size 0.1µm to 0.3µm.

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