Do I need E11 or H13 filters?

H13 filters require a glass fibre filter medium. Although these are fitted and installed carefully, the slightest of damage to their surface can lead to fibre shedding and these fibres can be distributed throughout the room. Also, glass fibres are a hazardous material and should only be used wherever a high filtration level is essential. Another important aspect is that twice as much pressure and therefore energy is required to operate an H13 filter than an E11 filter.

State of the art for E11 filters consists of using purely synthetic filter materials. Even if these materials are handled incorrectly, they never pose a threat to human health. The material is durable and tear-resistant, free of dyes, binding agents or solvents and, thanks to the water-repellent structure of the medium, it prevents the growth of germs. These filters are primarily used in the food industry. Wherever possible, aeropur always opts to use synthetic filters.

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