ecopower 10

For the best results in keeping inside air clean

ecopower 10 optimizes air cleaning up to 3,000 m³.

Production facilities - storage rooms – logistic halls – food industry – assembly rooms – foyers – assembly lines


ecomax 30

For rooms with volume up to 10,000 cubic meters

With a filtration performance  of 3,500 m³/h, the ecomax 30 is able to clean large production and industrial halls   to clean room quality.

The ecomax 30 features a powerful pre-filter and  a main filter ISO ePM1 65% (F8) as standard.  One unit has the capacity to operate in very dirty halls up to 500m² and 7m high.  This corresponds to an air exchange rate of 1:1 per hour ( 3,500m³/h).

Optional   can be equipped with 5 different main filters up to HEPA 13.   The filters are produced in accorance with ISO 16890. A E11 filter is also optional according to EN1822 1:2009.

When fitted with the optional accessories the ecomax 30 can also be used as direct high-performance suction.


ecomax 100

Air filtering and dust extraction for large halls

The ecomax 100 provides   outstanding filter performance through an optimal combination of filters filtering the air. This is our most powerful dust extractor.

The ecomax 100 provides high airflow range allowing optimum efficiency.

A single ecomax 100 is able to clean halls up to 30,000 cubic meters with only a single ecomax unit.