ecopower 10

For the best results in keeping inside air clean

ecopower 10 optimizes air cleaning up to 3,000 m³.

Production facilities - storage rooms – logistic halls – food industry – assembly rooms – foyers – assembly lines




ecopower 10

The ecopower 10 is lightweight and easy to operate. The filters can be changed quickly and efficiently.

Permanent automatic electronic control of ecopower 10

  • Speed protection
  • Motor current limit
  • Soft Start
  • Over heating cut out


Our specially made filters consist of synthetic non-woven fabrics which are 100% glass fibre free and microbiologically inert. This ensures that even in extreme cases the filtered air quality will be of an improved quality compared to the unfiltered air.


The main filter ISO ePM1 70% (F8) works to comply with the latest industry standards for air quality.

High quality filter materials according to ISO 16890


As standard, the ecopower 10 is delivered with a pre-filter and main-filter certified according to ISO 16890.

The filters consist of synthetic non-woven material, free from dyes, binding or solvent agent, and are microbiologically inert due to their hydrophobic properties.

How the ecopower 10 works

aeropur machines are efficient and modest in power consumption.

Ecopower 10 sucks polluted air from the ceiling via the filter surface on the top of the machine. Clean air filtered by a pre and  a main filter is then redistributed via three air grills  situated  at the lower part of the unit.

By using this system warm air situated under the ceiling is recirculated  and the room temperature is optimized. As a result heating costs are minimized. The modern EC-Green-Technology of the direct current ventilating fans achieve an efficiency degree beyond 90%.

Application areas

Application areas
  • production facilities
  • storage rooms
  • laboratories
  • tool manufacturing
  • food industry
  • assembly rooms
  • foyers
  • production line
  • process protection

Technical data

ecopower 10 (AP1001)
Input Supply Voltage 230V | 50/60Hz
Power consumption 80W
Current usage 0,7A
Weight 18kg
Dimensions LxWxH 66x37x78cm
Noise level 63 db(A)
Casing material aluminium
Protection class IP50
Number of filters 2
Filter classes according to ISO 16890 Pre filter ISO Coarse 90% (G4)
Filter classes according to ISO 16890 Main Filter ISO ePM1 70% (F8)
Recommended retail prices from the plant 2700,- €
Filter performance ISO ePM1 70% 1,000m³/h
Filter performance /
activated carbon F7
1,000m³/h [optional]
Filter performance E11 900m³/h [optional]
Filter change
(pressure controlled)
LED red/ flashing
Min./max. ambient
[-25°C to +60°C]
EC radial fan curved backwards
Rotation speed control yes
Net price (excluding delivery) 2 700,-€
Electronic fan control Speed protection Soft start
Motor current limit Over heating cut out


*Recommended retail prices from the plant, **
ecopower 10 Article No. Technical Information Dimensions (l/w/h) Data sheet Price* Order
AP1001 Filter performance: 1,000m³/h
Noise level: 63 db(A)
Performance: 80W
2700,- €

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