ecomax 100

Air filtering and dust extraction for large halls

The ecomax 100 provides   outstanding filter performance through an optimal combination of filters filtering the air. This is our most powerful dust extractor.

The ecomax 100 provides high airflow range allowing optimum efficiency.

A single ecomax 100 is able to clean halls up to 30,000 cubic meters with only a single ecomax unit.



ecomax 100

The ecomax 100 is simple to operate and the filters can be quickly and easily changed without specialised knowledge.

The functionality is fully automatic, meaning the following are permanently taken care of:

  • Temperature
  • Soft start
  • Speed and blocking protection
  • Performance
  • Motor current monitored electronically

Manual adjustment of the performance is also possible at any time by the user.


Our specially made filters consist of synthetic micro fleece, which are 100% glass fibre free and microbiologically inert. This ensures that even in extreme cases the filtered air quality will be of an improved quality compared to the unfiltered air.

The main filter ISO ePM1 70% (F8) works to comply with the latest industry standards for air quality.

Sophisticated technology and high efficiency

A modern fan is at the heart of this mobile dust extractor, through the use of the latest DC
technology EC-Green-Tech. The effective filter has a performance for 10,000 m³,
using a maxmiun of currently consumption of 750Watt/h.


The ecomax 100 casing and air grills are made of high-quality sediment-galvanised steel ensuring an extremely quiet operation in the dedusting process.

The unit only requires a conventional 230V AC connection.

Mode of operation for ecomax 100

The ecomax 100 perfect for air filtering and dust extraction of large industrial workspaces.

With a performance of 10,000 m³/h, this outstanding filter performance is achieved by an optimal combination of filter type, filter area and fan size. Also in combination with the compact design, minimal pressure and energy losses can be achieved.

The polluted air is sucked via three filter surfaces located on the top and 2 sides of the unit. The air is then filtered via the pre filter and main filter .The clean air is then redistributed via three air grills situated at the lower part of the unit.

The redistribution of the air takes with subtlety and will therefore go unnoticed. The high airflow range allows optimum efficiency and the conversion of halls of up to 30,000 cubic meters with only a single ecomax 100 resulting in the highest air quality.

Application areas

Application areas
  • production facilities
  • storage rooms
  • tool manufacturing
  • Use Fields
  • food industry
  • assembly rooms
  • production line
  • process protection

Technical data

ecomax 100 (AP9001)
Input Supply Voltage 230V/ 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 750W
Current usage 3,3A
Weight 230 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 90 x 90 x 182 cm
Noise level 69 db(A)
Casing material steel sheet galvanised
Protection class IP50
Number of filters 2 [3-suction sides]
Filter classes according to ISO 16890 Pre filter ISO Coarse 90% (G4)
Filter classes according to ISO 16890 Main filter ISO ePM1 70% (F8)
Filter performance ISO ePM1 70% 10,000m3 /h
Filter change (pressure controlled) LED red/ flashing
Operation-/error message LED green/ without error
  [–25 °C bis +40 °C]
Recommended retail prices from the plant 8980,- €
Specifications in accordance to ErP- guideline  
EC radial van curved backwards
Rotation speed control yes
Total efficiency ηes /% 62,6 [Standard in 2015: 50,2]
Installation category A
Efficiency category static
Efficiency class N 74,4 [Standard in 2015: 62]
Electronic fan control Speed protection Soft start
Motor current limit Over heating cut out


*Recommended retail prices from the plant, **
ecomax 100 Article No. Technical Information Dimensions (l/w/h) Data sheet Price* Order
AP9001 Filter performance: 10,000m³/h
Noise level: 69 db(A)
Performance: 750W
8980,- €

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