Eliminate dust and pollutants in your operation

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Mobile dust extractors


Mobile dedusting and air cleaning technology from aeropur makes clean air breathing possible.


Benefit from clean air in your production and warehouse spaces, your offices, laboratories, workshops or sales rooms.


The mobile dust extractor from aeropur filters dust, fine dust particles, chemical, bacterial and many other hazardous substances from the ambient air.

All filters are produced in accordance with ISO 16890.


Benefits to you

Made in Germany Quality

All of our products are durable, robust and manufactured from high-quality materials in accordance with German industry standards.

100% mobile

Never before has dust removal been so flexible.

Mobile dust-extracting machines from aeropur are quick and easy to use wherever you may require them.

Latest filter technology

Whether you require a coarse dust filter, suspended filter or an active carbon filter aeropur dust removal system will maintain a dust free environment to the highest industrial level.


Healthier Staff

Respiratory disease is one of the most frequent work related diseases.

The use of dust extractions machines has been proven to reduce employee absenteeism in industry, business, commerce and service.

30% Lower energy consumption

Through efficient air circulation the warm air will be circulated more proficiently.

Heating requirements are significantly reduced, especially in high storage areas and industrial areas.

50% Less cleaning required

Through the regular use of a aeropur mobile dust extracting machine the intervals between cleaning will be reduced.

See for yourself

How our mobile dust extractors work

The technical sales manager Reiner Hummel at the Logimat 2017 (german):

The advantages and functionality of aeropur dedusting equipment in a short video.

What our customers say

By using the aeropur dust extractor, we were able to significantly reduce the generation of dust in various areas of Terminal 2 Gesellschaft, Munich Airport. The simple technology, high performance and above all low power consumption of the mobile dedusting devices have convinced us that aeropur has the solution.

Terminal 2 GmbH & Co oHG, Munich

"Our own measurement methods showed the significant improvement and how high the number of particles remaining in the mobile dust collector is. The performance of the aeropur units, the filter technology and the easy handling convinced us absolutely".

ASYS Automatic Systems GmbH & Co.KG

"We are thrilled that with the aeropur ecomax 100 it is possible to quickly solve problems with high dust levels at different locations and that we have no dust on our goods and bottles. The mobile dust extractor from aeropur was used in logistics. The resulting dust-free air convinced us absolutely."

Getränke Hörl GmbH, beverages distributors

The ecomax 30 solved emission and dust problems caused by our metalworking processes, superbly. We are impressed by the straightforward technology, the easy and mobile handling as well as the energy efficiency of the deduster. Our employees really appreciate the healthier air in our workplace.

W.B. Wasserstrahl-Schneidtechnik GmbH, water jet cutting

Thanks to the aeropur dust removal units ecomax 30 and ecopower 10, we were able to significantly reduce the level of dust resulting from our mechanical production in addition to our hall containing several water jet cutting machines. We feel this directly in the air quality. What we really like about the devices are their compact sizes, the low power consumption and the overall low filter costs.

Harald Böhl GmbH, mechanical engineering and metalworking

"By using the aeropur dust extractor type ecomax 30 of the manufacturer aeropur GmbH it was possible in our case to reduce the dust exposure after half an hour already (after the maximum dust exposure) to a 'normal' level. Without the use of the ecomax 30, the average dwell time was approximately 2 hours. This means that the service life of the respiratory filters used can now be reduced significantly."

Klumpp Coatings, producing floors

By using the ecomax 30 in our production hall, the flickering particles in the air have visibly disappeared. Our measurements reveal the mobile dedusting devices have improved on previous levels by up to 4 times and we are now well below the limit. Using little space and incurring low investment costs, we were able to achieve a significant improvement in the indoor air. That convinced us the ecomax 30 is a perfect solution!

Karl Otto Hardt GmbH, cnc processing

"We have three aeropur ecomax 30 dust collectors in use: in the main warehouse, in the middle of the hall and in mechanical processing. The high air quality after filtering could be proven by measurements of the significantly reduced dust particle content in all areas of application. Not only do we like this very much - we were also convinced by the small space requirement and the low costs for power consumption and filters. Also our employees are enthusiastic, because the 'better air is clearly noticeable'!".

Wurm Schaltanlagen GmbH & Co.KG, metalworking

What's your focus?

Purity for production, construction and automation

Large industrial plants can make use of automated and electronic system.


A dust free working environment, free from interference is essential for an operation to work efficiently.

Problem areas

    • Sensitive robot technology
    • High emissions during production
    • Inaccessibility to equipment
    • High risk health hazards through:
      • Welding
      • Coolant lubricants
      • Abrasive dust
    • The compliance of work place dust limits ( A)

Mobile air purification

  • Filtration of dust particles before they settle on machinery

  • Support from stationary extraction units
  • Operational directly from the emission location
  • In compliance with A-dust

Industrielasergerät bei der Produktion von Metallteilen verursacht gefährliche Luftpartikel

Keep your merchandise dust free

Warehouses, merchandise premises, show rooms are often exposed to high levels of dust. The regular movement of goods, use of Fork lift trucks, tyre abrasion and lack of aeration all contribution a deficiency in air circulation. Dust particles mix with the air and gradually settle on stock.

Deteriorating air quality can also affect employees.

The fine dust particles can settle on stock which is often inaccessible difficult to clean. With the use of our dust extraction ecopower or ecomax series your warehouse or showroom can remain permanently dust free.

Problem areas

  • Soiled / contaminated goods

  • Risk to electronic components
  • Forklift electronics
  • Assembly lines
  • Inaccessible stock storage

  • Showrooms and shop windows

Mobile air purification

    • Dust filtered before it settles
  • Circulation and air circulation

  • Reduced maintenance requirements for electronics

große Lagerhalle mit Bedarf einer fachgerechten Entstaubung

Protection for your employees

When manufacturing, assembling, repairing and renovating work is being carried out unwanted particles are generated.

When cutting, grinding, welding, milling, painting or drilling, the finest substances and particles are released into the atmosphere.

This often results in high dust levels and pollution in the air.

Problem areas

  • Carcinogenic wood particles (e.g.Beech and Oak)

  • Asbestos and mold released during refurbishment and renovation

  • Smoke pollution for employees and customers
  • Highly toxic lacquer aerosols in the air
  • Damage to freshly painted goods due to dust

Mobile air purification

  • Easy transportation to required usage point
  • Always near to emission location
  • Individual filters to meet every requirement
  • 230V Operation

krebserregende Holzpartikel beim Sägen in Holzbetrieben

Hygienic treatment rooms

When it comes to the medical treatment of people hygiene requirements are extremely high.

The first priority is protection of patients, relatives and medical staff from infections.

Many pathogens are suspended in the air. They are often even  smaller than a micrometre and can therefore can go undetected in the air for several weeks or months.This poses high levels risks of infection

Problem areas

  • High levels of sterilization required
  • Absolute purity for production
  • Air pollution from chemical or bacteria sources

  • Unpleasant odours

Mobile air purification

  • Filtering from chemical, bacteria and other pathogens

  • Avoiding infection
  • Neutralisation of urine odour
Operationssaal mit hohen Anforderungen an emissionsfreie und bakterienfreie Luft

Dust extractors for your industry

ecopower 10 - The allround dedusting machine for optimal cleaning to an industrial standard

The allround dedusting machine for optimal cleaning to an industrial standard

With  a performance of 1.000m³/h the ecopower 10 is  ideal for cleaning large warehouses and  showrooms.

The machine are fitted with a main filter ISO ePM1 70% as standard.      

This can be utilized in a space up to 400m² and 2.5m high. The air exchange of 1:1 per hour ( 1000m³/h)


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ecomax 30 - dedusting machine for large halls

ecomax 30 - for rooms with volume up to 10,000 cubic meters

In industry a wide range of air pollution can occur from  sources such as coolant lubricants, smoke, fumes, aerosols, fibres or welding fumes.

With a filtration performance  of 3,000 m³/h, the ecomax 30 is able to clean large production and industrial halls   up to clean room quality.

An optional filter ISO ePM1 80% (F9) can also be fitted to the ecomax 30. A E11 filter is also optional according to EN1822 1:2009.

When fitted with the optional accessories the ecomax 30 can also be used as direct high-performance suction.

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ecomax 100 - Air filtration and dedusting of large halls

Air filtration and dedusting of large halls

The ecomax 100 provides outstanding filter performance through an optimal combination of filters filtering the air. This is our most powerful  dust extractor.

The ecomax 100 provides high airflow range allowing optimum efficiency and the cleaning of halls of up to 30,000 cubic meters with only a single ecomax unit.

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